JASON MRAZ - SENSORY-FRIENDLY CONCERT                                           Sunday, June 30 at 3P

GRAMMY-winning musician/songwriter Jason Mraz will perform a sensory-friendly/neuro-divergent concert at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) in the afternoon on Sunday, June 30 at 3P.

The Autism Project provides staff and volunteer training for PPAC’s sensory-friendly performances, so that all audience members can feel welcome and have a relaxed, comfortable experience at the theatre.

This sensory-friendly performance will include the following accommodations for audience members:

✸ lower sound levels in the theatre throughout the concert.

✸ Lights will be turned on at a low level.

✸ A reduction of strobe lighting or lighting focused on the audience.

✸ Audience members can bring comfort items into the concert (i.e. weighted blankets, fidgets, headphones, etc).

✸ Patrons are free to talk and leave their seats.

✸ Space throughout for standing and movement.

✸ Designated break areas adjacent to the theatre.

✸ The concert will be approximately 60 minutes.


This is a specially-priced event. If you are interested in attending this sensory-friendly concert, please call the PPAC Box Office at 401.421.ARTS (2787).

Created By Brandi Dumas and John Fitzhenry



In partnership with The Autism Project, PPAC’s NEW Sensory-Friendly performances create a guest experience that is welcoming, judgement free, and inclusive of guests with a wide range of sensory, learning and physical differences.  These performances are perfect for young children, and guests who might benefit from a more relaxed theatrical environment.  Sensory-Friendly accommodations include: lowered house lights, adjusted sound levels, and a designated quiet area within the theatre lobby.  These sensory-friendly performances are being created to foster a welcoming setting for individuals with autism, special needs and their families.


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