Each ticket purchased from PPAC is a revocable license to attend a specific performance.  By your ticket purchase, you agree not to re-sell any ticket purchased from PPAC for more than $3.00 or 10% above (whichever is greater) the price printed on the ticket. 
If PPAC management becomes aware that any tickets were re-sold for more than $3.00 or 10% above pricing on face of tickets, PPAC has the right to revoke the license for those tickets and void the sale.  

Further, PPAC reserves the right to set a ticket purchase/credit card transaction limit for any performance and credit cards with billing addresses outside of RI, MA, or CT may have different limits and restrictions.  PPAC reserves the right to cancel any ticket orders purchased with intent for resale.  Ticket purchases are closely monitored; any sales over the set transaction limit may be subject to cancellation without notice.  All tickets purchased by patrons from states other than RI, MA, or CT will be held at the Box Office for pick-up on performance day only (no advance pickup). A valid photo ID and the credit card used to purchase those tickets must be presented at the Box Office window when picking up; no exceptions will be made.

In the case of non-PPAC presented performances or events, PPAC acts solely as a processing agent for ticket sales transactions.  The ticket buyer understands and agrees that the respective presenting organization is solely responsible for refunds for any reason, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event(s) for which the ticket(s) has/have been purchased. PPAC shall have no liability whatsoever to a ticket buyer in connection with or arising from any failure by the presenting organization to pay a refund.  

The PPAC Box Office is your ONLY OFFICIAL source for tickets to a PPAC show. When you buy tickets from the PPAC Box Office, your purchase is secure. Purchasing from unauthorized sources may put you at risk for receiving counterfit tickets.