Get to know John Michael Dias from the National tour cast of Beautiful!

John Michael Dias is originally from Rhode Island and this will be his third time performing on the PPAC stage in the ensemble of BEAUTIFUL. Here is an interview with John about coming home to open the National tour of Beautiful.


How does it feel to be performing to your hometown audience?

It’s amazing. This is my third time back at PPAC which is sort of unheard of. I’ve been so lucky to come here with the past three shows I did OKLAHOMA here, JERSEY BOYS here in 2010 I think, I don’t even know when OKLAHOMA was maybe 2004 or something, a long time ago, and now this. Just being here, being able to stay at home with my mother is just amazing while I’m rehearsing. And the audiences of Rhode Island are always wonderful so it’s awesome to be back.


Do you have a favorite PPAC memory from growing up?

Probably seeing PHANTOM here, and LES MIZ. You know the big ones that made you feel like you were in New York when you are watching the touring shows. It’s definitely influenced me to want to do this for a living. And of course the murals backstage, I didn’t even know those existed when I was a kid. So I came back here I was like “Oh My God”. You know when I was on my first tour I painted the Jersey Boys one over the stage door, and I am working on the Beautiful one this week.


Favorite thing about being back in Providence?

I just feel very relaxed here because I don’t feel on guard because I know where things are. Its home, I just can’t say anything else but I just feel like I am home.


One place you have to visit whenever you are back?

Waterfire, I have to do Waterfire which we are going to do on Saturday. And one other thing is having the Chow Mein sandwich with the crispy noodles because that isn’t in New York at all! So I am excited for that.


Do you have a memory from the last time you were on tour here?

Taking my final bow in Jersey Boys. I played Frankie Valli and it was like everything just came full circle. Being in the audience watching Phantom of the Opera and then being on stage bowing at the end of the show. A lot of people don’t get to do that in their hometown or get to come back and do something that means something to them. So it was awesome.


How does it feel to be back home?

Great. It’s comforting. It’s a great way to start, this is our first city so it’s a great way to kick it off and it’s going to be hard to go other places because it’s not going to match this but it’s good to start here.