Get to know Becky Gulsvig from the national tour cast of BEAUTIFUL!

Becky Gulsvig will be portraying Cynthia Weil in the national tour of BEAUTIFUL. This will be Becky’s second time launching a national tour in Providence. She was here in 2008 playing Elle Woods in LEGALLY BLONDE. Here is a look at how she feels to be back in Providence.


How does it feel to be back at PPAC?

Great. I love it here. Great Theater, Great town.


Where are some of your favorite places to visit while in Providence?

Well, it’s hard with tech because we are inside so much, so we don’t get to do a ton. But this time I am traveling with my family, so we are hoping to hit the zoo, we’ve hit the children’s museum, definitely the restaurants, and bike around. We’re trying to do the bike path along the East Side of the bay and just explore a bit in general.

What is different now about opening Beautiful compared to when you were here for Legally Blonde?

It isn’t as much of an exhausting show for me. Which is nice. I absolutely loved Legally Blonde, what a gift what a treat. But I was really in every single moment and it was exhausting, it was exhausting fun. With this one, I’m more of a side character so I can enjoy it and be there for Abby (Mueller) because she’s carrying the load as Carole, and so well she’s brilliant. I can just kind of take it in and enjoy it and still have a great part to invest in, but not be so exhausted. So it’s a nice treat.

Do you have a favorite memory from the last time you were in Providence?

Honestly I just remember it being really nice and great. The theater being so nice and everything being so high quality, and just having a great time. You think of a city and there’s this feeling that washes over you, and I was actually relived that we were teching in Providence because I knew I liked it.

One place you have to visit while you are in Providence this time?

Well we really have to go to the zoo. That’s probably not the normal answer you get from actors but when you are traveling with a 4 year old, it’s the zoo.


What is your favorite thing about Providence?

Well so far I have really enjoyed some lobster mac and cheese - that was delicious. I guess, I just like being here. You know we took that bike ride along the water and just being near the water, I’m excited for Waterfire. There’s a lot of good stuff. There’s lots of activities and things happening.